About Me

Currently I am working as a Lab Specialist at Full Sail University. Previously I’ve worked for Infinitas Engineering in Orlando, FL on a project called EDGE using the Unreal Engine. Before that I worked as a Lead 3D Artist using CryEngine at Cubic Corporation, EA Tiburon as a modeler/texture artist on some great titles (NFL Street, Tiger08, Nascar08) including everyones favorite “Superman Returns” 😉 , before that Stainless Steel Studios (now closed) as a 3D Artist on “Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War”. I also had the pleasure of working at Mythic Entertainment on “Dark Age of Camelot” and both expansions “Trials of Atlantis” & “Catacombs” as well as “Imperator”. I originally started in the gaming industry at Turbine Entertainment Software on “Asheron’s Call” as a Lead Artist and then Animator/3D Artist on “Middle Earth Online”.

Check out my Resume or Contact me with any questions (grogbro@yahoo.com).


Shipped Military Projects:

GE Drone Testing Sim, Los Alamos National Lab DOE(LANL)(CryEngine), Oak Ridge National Laboratory DOE(ORNL)(CryEngine), Dillon Range Training Project(CryEngine), Various UAE Projects (undisclosed)(CryEngine), Cubic Simulation Systems Training Courses (undisclosed), Intelligent Decisions (NK Project) (VBS2 Engine)


Shipped Game Titles:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 (DS) – Star Wars Force Unleashed (DS) – Lord of the Rings Online (MMO, PC) – Dark Age of Camelot’s Atlantis & Catacombs Expansions (MMO, PC) – Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War (RTS, PC) – NFL Street 3 – Nascar 07 (Xbox360/PS3) – Superman Returns (Xbox360/PS3) – Asheron’s Call (MMO, PC)



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